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Available Classes 2021-2022


Family Discount: First 2 dancers are regular price. Any additional dancers are half price. 


 Ballroom Pricing: 

    *Minis    : Ages 5-7 ish Meets 1 hour a week for $42

    *Pee-wee: Ages 7-9 Meets 1 hour a week for $42

    *Pre-teen: Ages 10-12  Meets 1 hour 30 min a week for $54

    *Junior: Ages 13-15 Meets 2 hours a week for $65

    *Youth: Ages 16-18 Meets 2 hours a week for $65

    *Cabaret: By audition only, 1 hour a week, $40 (in addition to team dues; must be on a ballroom team to be eligible to try out)



 Adult Ballroom Classes: available October- February $35/month for 3 classes. New style of class each month



Dance Pricing:

*Creative movement: Ages 3-4, 30 min each week $30/month

*Performance team, Jazz, Ballet/Lyrical, Hip-hop: Ages 5 and up, 1 hour each week $42/month

*Competition Team Minis, 2.5 hours each week, $97/month

*Competition Team: 3.5 hours each week, $135/month

***Required Tech class for competition teams: included in monthly team pricing.

* Back to the curriculum!!  Tap class!!  

Beginner youth: 30 min/week, $30/month

Beginner teen: 1 hour/week, $42/month


Multiple style of dance Discount: For any dancer that want to dance more than one style of dance, the first class is regular price, the second class is $15 off.

Additional Info:

  • Registration for ballroom is August 31, 5:00 pm

  • Team placements/try-outs for ballroom are Aug 31, 5:00-7:00 pm

  • Registration for dance is Sept 1, 5:00 pm

  • Team placements /tryouts for dance are Sept 1, 5:00-7:00 pm

  • This will be held in the studios at the Venue, at 173 E Main Street, Rigby

- Each team will learn 3 routines throughout the year

- Ballroom teams will compete in 2 local competitions (Dec and March) and one

large community ballroom performance (Jan)

- Dance teams will have the option this year to be on a competitive team or a

performance team

- All teams will perform at the Dancing with the Stars in April, and at year end

recital in May, and possible other performances as they come. 

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