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 Costume Payment Plan

*All payment will be done by Venmo this year. Michelle-Summers-7 This is a no fee app for you and me.

*All monthly fees will be due by the 10th.
*After that your account will automatically be charged a $10 late fee.

Due at Team Placement:

*Registration Fee: $15 for 1st dancer, $10 for each after that
*September dues

Costume fee Payment Options

Option #1

33% costume fee due Sept, 33% costume fee due Oct, 34% costume fee due Nov
Option #2
33% costume due Oct, 33% costume due Nov, 34% costume due Dec
Option #3

50% costume fee due Sept, 50% costume fee due Oct
Option #4
100% costume due Sept 26th, 5% discount off costume fee
Option #5

I plan to do fundraisers, I will pay 100% within 1 week of fundraisers ending (approx. end of Nov)

Dance Team
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