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2022-2023 Prices


Ballroom Dues:

Mini              $42/month    (1 hour/week)

Peewee        $42/month    (1 hour/week)

Pre-teen       $54/month    (1 hour 30 min/week)

Junior           $65/month    (2 hours/week)

Youth           $65/month    (2 hours/week)

Cabaret        $40/month   Plus team dues (1 hour/week)

Adult            $35/month for couple/month


Dance Dues:

Creative Movement (ages 3-4, 30 min/week) $30/month

Performance team: Jazz, Ballet/Lyrical, Hip hop (ages 5 and up, $42/month  (1 hour/week)


Competition Team Jr and Sr Elite(3.5 hours, meet 2x week)  $135/month.  Includes tech class in this time and price.

Competition Team Minis (2.5 hours, meet 2x week)  $97/month  Includes tech class in this time and price.



Costume Fees:

Ballroom Pee-wee    $110

Ballroom Pre-teen    $125

Ballroom Junior         $190
Ballroom Youth         $190

Dance  (perf and comp)     $190

**Please keep in mind that ballroom costumes are very expensive. This fee is a rental! This price covers cleaning, rentals, repairs, alterations, rhinestones, and some new costumes. Due to the price of costumes, each routine learned will not get a new costume. Each team will normally get 1, possibly 2 new costumes to wear, and the rest will be from previous years. 


**Dance costumes are very individualized. These costumes will be taken home by the dancer. 

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